Sonoma Coast Divers

Monterey Fun Dive
December 10 and 11, 2016


Remember to Sign Up!

Prior to heading down to Monterey, please make sure you have signed up with and paid through Sonoma Coast Divers.  Sorry, no walk-ins.  If you are not on the sign-up list, you won't be diving with us.


Day 1, Saturday, 10 December: We'll be diving off The Silver Prince.

Short story:  Download and fill out The Silver Prince waiver before you leave for Monterey; bring it with you.  Arrive and park at the K Dock no later than 8:30 am, find The Silver Prince and give them your waiver & payment (subject to update) and show them your C-Card, load your gear onto the boat, assemble your gear and suit up.  I'll be the tall-ish guy in a faded orange ball cap, running around doing the same thing you're doing.  Be ready to depart the dock no later than 9:00 am.

Long story:  Download and fill out The Silver Prince waiver before you leave for Monterey; bring it with you.  Arrive and park at the K Dock (map here) no later than 8:30 am; be sure to pay for parking.  Find The Silver Prince (map here) and give them your waiver & payment (subject to update... I'm not sure if you'll be paying in advance) and show them your C-Card.  Ask the crew where you can put your gear then load ALL your gear onto the boat, including TWO full tanks and weights.  Bring ALL the gear that you'll need for TWO dives.  The Silver Prince will NOT be bringing along any extra gear for you to borrow or rent.  It's important you make sure your gear is in working order before we depart.  At some point, find me and introduce yourself; I'll be the tall-ish guy with the faded orange cap.  Be ready to depart the dock no later than 9:00 am.

The Dives: Have a look at what to expect on the dives.  You should review The Silver Prince Policies.  If you want to stick with me, just let me know on the way out to the dive sites.  I'll be more than happy to lead any/everyone around on each dive.  Being a Northern California charter, you are free to do your own diving, just keep track of your air and the location of the boat.

Day 2, Sunday, 11 December: We'll be meeting at the Bamboo Reef dive shop in Monterey (see Directions and Map below) to take care of any necessary paperwork and discuss where we'll be diving.  Please be on time.  Note that our Fun Dive is NOT a Bamboo Reef event, so if you ask them about the Fun Dive, they'll probably give you a funny look.  We like using Bamboo Reef as a meeting place because the parking is ample and they usually have any gear you may need to buy or rent.

The dives will be shore dives, but the exact locations will depend on ocean conditions and experience levels of everyone on the dive.  Expect water temperatures to be in the low 50's F (around 12 C).

As with the charter, please bring everything you'll need for doing two dives.  That includes weights and two full tanks.  Make sure you have everything and that everything works.  Make sure your tanks - rented or your own - are in compliance (annual visual inspection and 5-year hydro) so you can get them refilled as needed; you can purchase refills at the Monterey Bamboo Reef (and they can fill them while we get organized Sunday morning).  Oh, and don't forget your C-Card!

We'll be doing two shore dives on Sunday.  Depending on where we end up diving, you may need to pay for parking.  Some areas have coin-eating parking meters, other areas require purchasing a parking permit (with a credit card or real money), and still other areas have meters that can utilize credit cards.  So be prepared and bring some quarters if we end up in an area with those types of meters.  Though most of Monterey is pretty safe, it's probably a good idea to have a way to lock your unused gear in your vehicle unless you have that gear with you on the beach.  For planning the rest of your day, we'll probably be finished with our diving at around 2:00 pm... maybe a little before or a little after.


Lodging in Monterey can be a bit pricey, but there are a few places that are reasonably priced and even one that caters to divers.  I suggest using something like Kayak to search for good deals.  Two of my favorites are:


Use this map to get to the K Dock and The Silver Prince.  Bamboo Reef is easy to find at 614 Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey; use the map below or use Google Maps.